“Brush Size” On of Secrets of Professional Painters

In order to execute the best finish, you need to buy the best brushes you can afford. The better your brushes the better your results. A poor brush will not last long and will almost always give you an inferior look. And one of the secrets of painters of brush size! Your job will go a lot faster if you have a variety of brush sizes. Professional painters using the correct size of brush for the area which like to paint. For example if you are working around a door frame that is very close to the adjustment wall, don’t try to smash a 4-inch (10-cm) brush into that area. Instead, use a small artists brush!. Don’t use a small 1-inch (25mm) brush to cut in your base or glaze coat around the large open areas in a room. Use a 2-to 4 inch (51mm to 10cm) brush.
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