9 Tips and Steps for Painting with Roller

9 Tips and Steps for Painting with Roller


  • Try to use professional covers and frames. Do not use poor quality covers and frames just for saving a few dollars. Poor quality covers and frames take more time and energy to rolling.
  • Using extension pole onto end of the roller will give you better control over rolling.
  • Do not forget to use drop sheet or plastic for covering area you will not to paint.roller
  • Roller cannot reach tight to edges of wall and ceiling, so before start rolling, first apply brush painting around the edges.it is so called “Cutting edges”.
  • Now it is time to start rolling, first fill cover with paint then start 40-50 cm away from the edges and move roller to top then down. Do not move roller at first to down it cause paint falling and splashing from your cover.
  • Roll back over the entire area you painted with smooth roller on.
  • After finishing rolling, scrap excess paint from the roller then wash the cover and frame with water.
  • Drain roller after washing and make sure your cover and frame clean of paint.
  • Dry and keep it in plastic bag for next use.



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